Assistive Technology-Organizational & Study Tools

In my third, and final, blog on assistive technology, I would like to talk about organizational and study tools. With dyslexia and other learning disabilities, it can be difficult for students to stay organized and have organized study tools. In fact, many dyslexics also have ADD or ADHD. Providing technology the help these students stay organized and study will provide opportunities for them to become independent and successful.

Electronic graphic organizers allow students to organize information visually while taking notes, studying for tests, or writing essays. These are accessible for dyslexic students because they are digital and can be used with other assistive technology tools. Some examples of electronic graphic organizers include Inspiration Maps, Kidspiration Maps, Simplemind Pro, and Poppet.

Study tools are also very beneficial for dyslexics because they, too, are digital. Quizlet is a great digital flashcard app that allows students to create and study flashcards with different games and activities. It even has text-to-speech and sets of flashcards online to choose from. Other study tools include PaperPort Note, AudioNote 2, Mental Note, and Whink.

What’s great about assistive technology is that it offers many functions and provides numerous ways to allow students to become independent, confident learners. That should be our goal. Find the assistive technology that will benefit your child the most. Remember, it is not cheating! You are enabling your child to learn higher levels of information and to grow confident and independent.

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