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Assistive Technology-Organizational & Study Tools

In my third, and final, blog on assistive technology, I would like to talk about organizational and study tools. With dyslexia and other learning disabilities, it can be difficult for students to stay organized and have organized study tools. In fact, many dyslexics also have ADD or ADHD. Providing technology the help these students stay organized and study will provide opportunities for them to become independent and successful. Electronic graphic organizers allow students to organize information visually while taking notes, studying for tests, or writing essays. These are accessible for… Read more Assistive Technology-Organizational & Study Tools

Assistive Technology-Writing

Last week I talked about using assistive technology to help students with learning disabilities read. Through audiobooks or text to speech apps, the written word is made enjoyable for people who would otherwise avoid it. This opens the door for these students to gain information and higher levels of knowledge. Another area that students with Dyslexia or other learning disabilities struggle with is writing. Writing can be so cumbersome and problematic for students that they are unable to take notes or get their thoughts down on paper. There are many… Read more Assistive Technology-Writing

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology is essential for students with learning differences. As parents, it is very important to research and find which apps will help our child the most. There are many free apps that are geared for students with learning differences. For Dyslexia, audiobooks and text-to-speech software gives students independence and confidence that they never had before. Assistive technology is not a crutch! It is not cheating! It gives students access to higher levels of information that they would miss out on otherwise. As an example, after receiving a diagnosis of… Read more Assistive Technology

Some Warning Signs of Dyslexia

There are many misconceptions regarding Dyslexia, so it is important as parents and teachers to understand what Dyslexia is. Dyslexics share common characteristics, but no two are exactly alike. It is difficult as a parent when you know your child is very intelligent, yet they struggle with spelling and reading. We see their strengths in sports, music, art, science, and math. We may read to them every night, saturate them with the written word, and see that they have high vocabularies. Yet, they still struggle with spelling and reading. This… Read more Some Warning Signs of Dyslexia